Friday, July 11, 2008

Heaven on a Table and a Burrito?

Ahhhhhh. Freedom. TODAY WAS THE LAST DAY OF THIRD YEAR! WHORAY! I'm going to blog a reflection on third year soon, but I had to say what I did to celebrate first.

Last fall, my wonderful husband got me a gift certificate to use at a local salon and spa. So, today, I got my first ever massage and herbal body wrap, as well as my second ever facial. Heavenly.

I'm not sure which part I liked best. The facial was delectible. The herbal wrap, a little weird, but, I got to take a nap during it. The massage needed to last longer....ahhhh.

So, the burrito part. For the herbal wrap, they took these sheets which were steeped in some tea-looking liquid and put one under me, one over me, and then proceeded to wrap me up in this garb, which, seriously, had to have made me look like a burrito (aluminum foil included). There was a layer of plastic, then multiple layers of those hypothermia/fire protective tent thing type material, then more plastic, then blankets, and then more blankets. It would have been great to have gotten a picture of me in there!

This might have to do instead:

After that was the massage, mostly of my upper back, shoulders, and arms, with a bit of neck thrown in.
Nice, very nice. I recommend it to everyone, especially after finishing third year.

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Dragonfly said...

I am sooo going to be going for massages in intern year (when I can afford it).