Saturday, April 19, 2008

a career?

well, if i had any readers out there, and they acutally knew me, they'd know that i've been see-sawing back and forth over med-peds and family medicine. but this week, i've just been thinking about babies...and how i don't want to give up the possibility of delivering them for the rest of my life. and how i like knowing lots of stuff (which, med/peds people do too) and how i mostly hate the adult inpatient wards...and how much i like thinking about prevention, and how really, family medicine is more "family friendly" than med/peds programs. i really would like to have kiddos before i get to thirty or so, meaning that i'd have to start pretty soon anyhow to get two in during the next 5 years. i just hope that this feeling lasts.......................

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