Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Meat Truck Men

I was just awoken from a nap by one of those Meat Truck Men...the ones who have a cooler in the back of the truck and then drive around the neighborhood acting as if they "Only have a few steaks left that I really need to get rid of-- I'll give them to you for a really good price. I'm practically giving these away to unload the truck."

Who ever thought this was a good idea? Who actually is willing to trust some random truck driving around to sell something better than Quality F meat? And you know, the men on these trucks are always well-put together, clean shaven, and wearing clean, crisp uniforms with a trustworthy appearance and a great sales-pitch....cough *sarcasm*

These aren't the Swanson men--and even then, I mean really, do we not live in a country where there's a SuperWalmart within 30 miles of EVERYWHERE? It's called a GROCERY STORE people!

Ok, I'm starting to sound a little worked up. Maybe this concept of driving around is just a leftover from a simpler time, where the iceman delivered the ice, the milkman delivered the milk, and the meat man delivers the meat (ha ha). I think I'd personally rather have a toilet paper and milk man coming by my house--- I'd probably be buying every time!

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