Thursday, December 11, 2008

Completely Random

So, I've been so absent lately because I'm on my epic 2.5 week interviewing journey. It's been crazy. One thing I have learned though is how to be a Hampton Inn connoisseur. As such, I must say I'm a bit confused by the various Hampton Inns' randomness evidenced in their elevators.

In each of the elevators, there is a different graphic with a "cute"? saying...and I'm not sure what the sayings are supposed to impart as far as deeper meaning. (If there is anyone out there who knows the key to all of this randomness, please drop me a line.) Here are the examples:

  • "If the shoe fits..." --- with a woman's feet pictured in high heels which are clearly too big
  • "With a 'baa baa' here...." --- with just a sheep standing around
  • "petal pusher" ---with a kid in one of those like, Tyco plastic buggy/car things
  • "Singing in the rain" ---with a little boy in a rain jacket, but no rain
  • "Walking the dog" ---with a little girl holding a yo-yo, walking the dog
  • "Can you hear me now?" ---with a little girl holding a tin-can telephone

I really am tempted to ask a person at the front desk about all of this, even at the risk of them looking at me as if I'm insane. Who knows, maybe they have a special prize awaiting anybody who has the intellectual curiosity to ask....


Sara said...

add to the list- with a "baa-baa" here (picture of sheep)

I am clueless and it bothers me! What does it all mean? Can we put them all together like a huge national puzzle?

Sara said...

oh, sorry you had that one, but I feel your pain!

~Ashley said...

i ended up asking a front desk person at one of the hampton inns about it...and alas, no present was offered to me for asking. she just was kinda like "'s a national thing for hampton inn to make it 'your hampton inn' " something like that... i guess they have some crazy marketing people who have nothing better to do