Sunday, February 15, 2009



I've actually been pregnant for, oh, almost 19 weeks now, but I was waiting to say anything until it was pretty much undeniable that I was carrying my own little parasite :)

I posted a few blog entries that I wrote back in Jan. but didn't post because I didn't want to be "public" yet, so for those few readers out there, you can go and check them out.

Also, I will be finding out the sex of the baby on the 23rd of this month, YAY!

More info...I'm pretty sure that I've been feeling the baby for about 2 weeks now, and it's a weird feeling, almost like muscle twitches, but they are kinda jumpy and sometimes surprise me/catch me off guard. I like feeling the baby moving though, because it almost makes me think he or she is communicating with me, and I'm carrying around my own little friend in my belly.

What about residency? I'm hoping to start in October...more details later if people really wanna hear.

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Katie! said...

1. Woo hoo! So excited for you and can't wait to hear all about every little detail! I hope you write a lot!

2. I want to hear all the details about residency too. How are things working out and that seems like a great deal to start in Oct. and are you excited and stuff like that.

3. Woo! Again!