Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Muncie Match!

Just an update-- I matched at Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, IN! This was my first choice on my rank order list (ROL), and I'm very happy to know my direction for the next 3 years. Muncie was the last stop on my 16(!) city tour of interviewing craziness, but I'm glad I held out and went to that one. We really liked the people there, and my husband is super excited about the city, because they have Ball State University, with an MBA program and also this thing known as a business incubator--right up his alley.

Regarding baby business- before both my and the program's ROL were due, I called them up to break the news that oh, I'm having a baby the 2nd week of intern year--surprise! (Well, not surprise for me--baby boy was planned afterall...). I was a little nervous in calling them, but it wasn't too bad, because a resident and grad of UK almost 2 years ago had a baby the first week of internship, and everybody survived. The residency director's first reaction was "What is going on with these UK gals having babies in July!?!" Later on, he remembered to congratulate me, ha ha. I told them that if possible, I'd love to start residency October 1st, allowing me to stay here to have the baby and then move to Muncie in late August/early September. To my surprise, they were totally ok with this and just said that I'd start and finish late--no need to use electives or anything. The only condition was that I try to make the 3 weeks of orientation that take place the last weeks of June....hopefully I can make it! The picture of me, 36, 37, and 38 weeks pregnant trying to do chest compressions as part of the ACLS algorithm is pretty hilarious I think. I informed them I was planning on having the baby here...the residency director goes, "Well, this is your first right? And how far to Lexington? Oh, 4 hours....well, if you did go into labor, you'd probably be able to make the drive!" Ha ha. Let's hope we don't have to cross that bridge. My husband is doing more than hoping that doesn't happen, I think...he may do rain dances or chants to try to ward off the situation.
Below is "The Great Spirit"--a famous landmark in Muncie.

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