Monday, April 20, 2009

Medical School=Doctor, Doofus!

I just need to vent about something that irks me to no end. This has happened to me multiple times before, but I just can't stand it anymore! Today, I went to have some labs drawn, by I guess, a CNA or CMA or certified (oh wait, they don't need to be certified in KY!) phlebotomist at the hospital. I was wearing my scrubs, because I'm working Labor and Delivery now. The lady asks me, "So, do you work here?" I go, "No- I'm a medical student at (local university)."

Her reply? Her REPLY?
"Oh, so are you going to be an RN or what?"
GRRRRRRRRRR GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I could have just come up with the most scathing reply possible, but I didn't...I kindly tried to explain that no, I was going to be a doctor, and that I had spent 4 years doing this work (I didn't even try to explain that I already had one degree that was probably higher than hers) to be a doctor and have another 3 of residency to go. I don't think she was impressed or really cared. I'm sure she'll ask the next person who comes in and says "medical school" the same thing, sheesh.
As I was telling my husband about this tonight, he informed me that multiple people have asked him if I was going to be an RN or PA or some other allied health professional whatever (no disrespect to those degrees meant though)--and he's had to explain that no, my wife is going to be a doctor.
Why can't people understand these simple things?
--Medical School=Doctor, as in MD
--Nursing School=Nurse
--PA School=PA
I seriously wonder if this is just something that women run, if I were a male, would they just reach the conclusion that I am working towards an MD? I'm sure guys who say they're going to medical school don't get the reply of "Oh, are you going to be a nurse?" And don't even get me started on those patients who assume that I'm a nurse in the clinics or up on the floors.

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DuckyDoc said...


And yes, it's a woman thing. I have a few gu friends in nursing school, and they have been asked if they are going to be doctors, even though they say NURSING school!

I feel like I should carry around a little informational flier in my purse.