Friday, April 24, 2009

Unexpected Vacation

Ugh. I've been off of school since Tuesday, and I'm not happy about it. This is my last rotation ever as a medical student and I'm working as an "Acting Intern" on Labor and Delivery, how apropos.

I've sworn this child might kill me before he is born, and he might also kill my medical career too. On Monday I had some (well, ummm not totally unprovoked) bleeding and immediately went to my hospital, where they found I was having contractions every 3-5 minutes. Joy. They gave me medicine to stop the contractions and sent me home, to have follow up the next day at my doctor's office.

They monitored me there for a bit, and I was having contractions still, but it didn't really seem like I was in labor because my cervix had not changed. Again, they gave me medicines to stop contractions. Right before they were going to take me off of the monitors and send me home...the baby's heart rate dropped to the 90s a couple of times and stayed there for about a minute (his heart rate is supposed to be 120-160). So, back to the hospital I went for monitoring. Again, a few contractions, and while there, the baby looked fine, so back home I went.

Wednesday, I stayed home all day on "bed rest." My mom came up and waited on me hand and foot, bless her. I had quite a few contractions that day. Thursday home again because they didn't want me to go back to school without being seen at the doctor's office first-- fewer contractions, and I saw my doctor that day. She did a test that can predict the likelihood of labor, and now I'm waiting on those results to figure out what we're going to do about school.

I hate all of this waiting, I feel terrible that I'm not there....I know and understand that the condition of my baby and my pregnancy are of utmost concern, but I feel like such a slacker. I think the people I have been working with are a sympathetic group, and I've been keeping them updated....but ugh, this is killing me. I hate this sitting at home when I know I'm supposed to be somewhere else. And I'm bored. So bored.....


FrassyMommy said...

Your classmates do not want to see your 29-weeker in MY unit! I do not want to be attending your delivery in my blue suit so you just sit your butt in that bed Missy. I will take your 32 weeker maybe, but NOT 29!

~Ashley said...

yeah, i agree, i don't want a 29 weeker either! i'm doing pretty well though, i've only taken a total of 4 of my 2.5 mg terbutalines in 5 days. so, if you had to have a premie, is 32 weeks your absolute lowest limit? the ob's act like eh, 28 weekers do ok (but i think they're talking about mortality and not worrying about morbidity...umm, hello, i'd like for my child to be able to breathe and see one of these days, thanks!)

FrassyMommy said...

A 32 weeker isn't super, but if I were going to have a preemie-I wouldn't want to go any lower. Hopefully, at 32 you've got a little more size and can get a little surfactant and fly! You hang in there and BE GOOD! :)

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