Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Feeling a Little More Real...

Today, I had my 15 week prenatal appointment. Up until now, it's been hard for me to realize that I will be having a real, live child in my arms come July. Although I desperately wanted to become pregnant and definitely want this baby, I still just have been incredulous as to everything going on inside of my body--and to the fact that it may even be going as designed. I still feel that way somewhat, but today, I was confronted with the real possibility at my appointment.

I was called up to the registration desk and they asked me if I wanted to make a payment down towards the delivery. Now, they'd sent me the monthly estimate of what we'd be paying for the delivery of said baby...but I thought that we'd be paying AFTER the baby actually got here. Am I crazy to have assumed this would be the correct timing of asking for somebody to pay for their child? I mean, of course, the thing that goes on in the back of my head is, "Well, what if I don't deliver a term or alive baby?" I just think that having somebody make payments on something that isn't assured is, I don't know, premature? assuming? counting chickens before they're hatched?

The next thought that came into my head was, "Well, I may not be believing that I'm going to have a baby, I guess somebody in this world does...."

Lesson Learned: Make no assumptions about payments on anything, especially not on something that hasn't even been delivered yet!

What It's Worth: Not having a shocked look on my face at my next appointment when they ask for the $100

Again, this one was written oh, around 4 weeks ago...


Katie! said...

They're asking you to get your baby on layaway? WTF?

That is crazy talk. What is wrong with those people?

(P.S. Are you going somewhere other than where we go to school? No one ever asked me to make a down payment on a baby.)

~Ashley said...

Yep, I like that term, baby on layaway, ha ha. They don't require it, just make it an option I guess? My husband refuses to make anymore payments though because he's against them being able to draw interest on our money. And yes, we're going somewhere other than our school...just a little bit south down the same road of our hospital.